Core Beliefs

  • God has always existed in a triune community of mutual love and devoted service: Spirit, Son, and Father.


  • The Bible is God’s word, completely reliable, absolutely authoritative, the true revelation of hope and redemption for the world, and our guide for life lived abundantly as God intended.

  • Jesus, fully God and fully human, was sent by the father and born of the Virgin Mary, living a life completely faithful to God.  In his self-emptying and humiliation he revealed God’s servant heart.  Jesus was a friend of sinners and the marginalized, showing compassion to those oppressed by abusive political, economic and religious systems of authority.

  • Jesus died, not to change God’s mind about us but to change our minds and hearts about God.  God brought about justice by submitting to profound injustice, overturning the cycle of violence, the innocent bearing the weight of the sins of the guilty.  The cross and resurrection were God’s saving actions that restored harmony and wholeness liberating humanity from the bondage of sin, death and radical evil.

  • Each human being is created in God’s image and loved by God, yet flawed by sin and in need of salvation and healing.  As we trust in God’s mercy demonstrated clearly in Christ, we discover our lives cleansed, forgiven and transformed by God’s Spirit.

  • The church is God’s means of blessing the world, promoting the good news of the gospel through a strong commitment to service and social justice.  When characterized by humility, total honesty and radical dependence on God’s grace, we become a welcoming community bringing healing to broken people.